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» Saturday, February 12, 2011
Part of a Half of a Valentine Weekend
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011James has to work Sunday, and had his IPMS meeting today, so we were busy this morning going grocery shopping. Publix had Chips Ahoy on twofer, so I stocked up for Atomicon.

James went off to the meeting about one, and I started to put the cookies up in a JoAnn shopping bag. Except I had put the bag back in the car. When I went down to the garage I decided to make sure that the car wasn't leaking again. So I backed it out. Yay, no leaks. Well, by now it's out of the driveway, so why not go out and look for a Valentine card? So I ran back inside for wallet and phone, locked the doors, shut the garage, and went on.

For some harebrained reason, I headed for Cumberland Mall, but didn't stay long. Everyone and his mother was there, partially because of Valentines Day, I think, and partially because it was bright, sunny, and heading up into the high fifties. So I turned tail and went to World Market instead. I had a nice coupon and made a good start on two Christmas gifts. Also stopped at Michaels to pick up something to work into a gift and some small magnets.

On the way, got a little gasoline.

And I did get a Valentine card, and started the bag for Atomicon. In fact, I think we already have enough cookies. Will get some Triscuit and Goldfish to finish off the bag.

We used a twofer coupon at IHOP for supper (mmmm...pork chops), then came home. Waiting for folks to show up on chat and dubbing stuff off the DVR.

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