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» Sunday, February 13, 2011
Movie Night
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011Took a peek at the bushes when I went out to walk Willow. Now that the sun was out front I saw clearly a few places I should have pruned, but I couldn't find the pruning shears. Stupid because I saw them just recently, surely on the day we built the shelves! It's those darn blue guys again!

I usually wait until I have five Castle episodes, which fill up a disk, to copy them off, but I wanted to do it today. There were only four, so I did those, plus transferred off the Hugh Laurie interview from last week's Tonight and part one of the wonderful Waltons Family Reunion that the Inspirational Channel showed before Thanksgiving, in what space was left on Castle disks. When I get the next Castle I can copy off the second half. It was a wonderful special, with the entire cast available; even Richard Thomas spoke from New York.

While this last was going I was cooking turkey legs and slicing and boiling Yukon Golds; we had a drumstick each and some buttered potatoes for supper, and part of another drumstick will make a sandwich for me tomorrow. Yum!

During supper we watched the Blu-Ray of Apollo 13. The picture is wonderfully sharp and the sound is extraordinary (when the Saturn 5 blasted off, even Schuyler watched!), but this has to be the most frustrating DVD I have ever encountered! You put it in and it has a loading screen, which takes forever, then you have to pick what language you want, and it goes through more fol-der-ol and the FBI warning, then you get something that asks if you want to connect to a social network (so you can do a review or leave comments), and then finally you get to the movie! Worse, we paused it so James could go get dessert (chocolate angel food cake!), and he was gone long enough for a Universal screen saver to kick in. When I hit play again, the stupid screen saver wouldn't go away! I finally had to stop it and re-start it (going through all the loading and the language and the social network crap again!) before I could get back to where I had paused. To paraphrase Tawny Madison: "Whoever programmed this DVD should die!" Failure was apparently an option on this one.

Now we're watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Good heavens, who needs 3D? The picture is so crisp you can darn near jump into it!

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