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» Friday, February 25, 2011
Mess No More
Well, yesterday I finished the second wooden tray. It's actually almost identical to the first, as I used the same scrapbooking paper after all. The Modge-Podge dries quickly, especially under the ceiling fan, but I wanted the finish to cure a bit more. So this morning before I started work, I wanted to set the trays in the window of the craft room to get the air. But the roller shade was stuck, and then one of the nails—they are tiny—holding the mount fell out. So I took the shade down, re-rolled it, and stuck the nail back in with glue.

Not for the first time I looked around the room in disgust. I had cross-stitch magazines that wouldn't fit in the cupboard piled in front of the cupboard, a bag of discount Christmas cards next to the loveseat, the laminator I got from Amazon Vine in the middle of the floor, a box next to the closet was overflowing with bubble wrap that I use when I send packages, etc. Plus I still hadn't put up my "original Alice," the painting of Gregory House Alice had given me for my birthday, because I needed to move the Lassie poster over to do it.

So at lunch time, and then after I finished work, I took care of that. The Christmas cards are now piled all together on the top of one cupboard (I have enough for five years, so I really don't need any Christmas cards for a while). I took the cross-stitch books from the second cupboard and put them on top of the cupboard, so now all the magazines fit in the space. I tossed a few things away, stored some others, vacuumed the floor, and now had room to put the laminator next to the loveseat. I also moved the Lassie poster over about six inches and put the House painting to its right, with the Kai Owen poster I got at DragonCon underneath.

I also took a little metal tray I had bought at JoAnn—it is a little country scene, with a house and a barn—and put it up on the wall with clear mounting tape. Now I can use the little "Owly" magnets I got last year at DragonCon to mount things on it. I put up two photos of my folks at Christmastime, a newspaper clipping of a little boy reveling in autumn leaves with the legend "It's Wonder-fall!," and one of my favorite cartoons, one from National Lampoon, where a collie is standing in front of a woman, holding a severed arm in its mouth. The caption is "What's the matter, Lassie? Is Timmy in trouble?" LOL.

I even put the pants I'm supposed to hem on hangers so they're not lopping over the back of the loveseat anymore. Maybe some day I'll actually hem them...

Well, my drafting table isn't clear yet, but the floor is pretty clear, what should be on the wall is, and it all is neater. Someday I'll find a place for everything.

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