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» Friday, February 18, 2011
Another Restaurant Off the List
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011We went to China King for supper, the new place near Food Lion. It was one of those "storefront Chinese" restaurants, like Dragon, just space for a few tables and the rest a kitchen with a restroom on the side. We were eating our food when a rather blowsy looking lady came in. The two younger women who worked the counter were chatting and one of them said something to the effect of "he was acting like an asshole." The owners' children were there, working on crossing a line off the menu, and the woman immediately said, "You shouldn't talk like that in front of the customers, especially the children." They apologized.

A few minutes later she demanded to see the owner. The owner wasn't "in residence," so she finally asked for the manager. A very short young man said he was the manager, and she said, "Why, you're just a kid!" We were leaving by then, but saw her come out and say to the next folks coming in that she would never come there again because the workers weren't wearing hair nets, or gloves, etc. (Good heavens, no one ever does that at these storefront places. Or the carts they put out to fundraise, like the hot dog/hamburger carts in front of Publix or Harry's.) But she took the food home anyway!

Anyway, the food was okay. The fried rice was quite eatable, but still had peas and carrots in it; it didn't have that awful sweet taste some fried rice gets when it's cooked with peas and carrots. I had cashew chicken which didn't come up on me, but it didn't have any cashews in it, either, just celery, carrots, and big pieces of mushroom. It had a good taste, at least, and the egg rolls weren't bad.

However, later on...well, let's say we aren't going back there anymore. <wry grin>:

I spent most of the evening reading my new Best of British, but we did watch Flying Wild Alaska.

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