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» Friday, January 21, 2011
Ship-Shape Shopping
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011It was time. I'd been putting it off since before Christmas. But it had to be done.

So I went to Walmart.

I actually ended up going to two of them since the first didn't have everything I needed. I was looking for soy isoflavones and a new US flag for the porch; however, the first Walmart struck out on the soy. Other things did present themselves: yogurt on sale, cellophane for wrapping gift baskets, other assorted groceries. But I did have to go to the other for the soy. Walmart is the only place I can reliably find soy isoflavones; none of the drugstore or supermarket vitamin shelves have them. I also found the Lean Cuisine bow tie pasta there; I haven't seen them in a regular supermarket for months.

Once this all was home and stored away, I went to the library to return my interlibrary loan, then went to Sam's Club for gasoline, and inside the store for omeprazole, since I didn't have enough to last through next week. (This was before I found out Publix had them on twofer, which would have made two boxes of 42 three dollars cheaper. I'll probably get some anyway.)

I spent the afternoon listening to the final part of Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club and the first part of Strong Poison on BBC Radio 7, followed by an episode of "The Tech Guy" while working on a piece of fanfic, or rather recreating the first part of it, as it was lost when my thumb drives disappeared. When James came home, we went to Ken's for supper, then went into Buckhead to the Borders store.

I particularly wanted to see if they had the next issue of "Best of British," and, sure enough, I found it amongst the travel magazines. (It's actually a nostalgia magazine, but I won't argue about where Borders keeps it as long as they keep carrying it. ) Now the kicker to this was that on Monday I had thought about driving into Buckhead on my own, but didn't want to do it for nothing, so I had called up and asked if they had "Best of British." After a few minutes the person I talked to came back and said, "Oh, we don't stock that." Ah, well, I'll keep buying what you don't stock anyway.

When I went upstairs I found one of Carola Dunn's Daisy Dalrymple mysteries in stock. I have come rather late to this series—it now consists of eighteen books!—but found the first three British paperbacks very cheaply on Hamilton Books. I really enjoyed the 1920s atmosphere of the first one. However, it's very hard to find any of the other ones in bookstores except for the latest. So I picked this one up, then it occurred to me to check to see if Caro Peacock had a new Liberty Lane book out. Surprise! Okay. I'd use the coupon that one.

Fatally, I made the mistake of going by the linguistics books and found David Crystal's Walking English, described as "[s]tarting in his home of Wales and moving from England all the way to Poland and to San Francisco, Crystal encounters numerous linguistic side roads he cannot resist exploring." Needless to say, I couldn't resist exploring it, either. :-)

(Not to mention being terribly tempted by something called The Athiest's Guide to Christmas, but I managed to resist that one.)

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