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» Sunday, January 02, 2011
A Shifting of Gears
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011Just a leisurely day today. We slept in late, but not late enough that it made getting up tomorrow a problem. Had oatmeal and yogurt and milk, and James had his breakfast, and then about eleven we went out to East Cobb with the 50 percent off Borders coupon. They had the fifth Cece Caruso book in stock, and I got that as well as a bargain book. I had Borders Bucks, so I didn't pay a thing.

James got a war strategy game, but wondered if he could find something else at another store, so we went through the back (Sewell Mill Road to Piedmont, which turns into Barrett) to the Town Center Borders. He didn't find anything, but I decided to get Alison Arngrim's book because I enjoyed it so much. There's a gutsy lady who uses humor to get over emotional pain.

Stopped at Kroger on the way home to buy milk, bananas, and onions. As always came out with a lot more: drinks and goodies for the party on Saturday, something for dinner tonight since neither of us remembered to take the sausage out of the freezer, even some sale turkey legs for later in the week—so much for eating out of the freezer to clear it out! :-)

Came home and chilled out listening to Christmas music (Sirius has dropped their Christmas channels, but Dish still had theirs up; I really have enjoyed their instrumental channel, which was all cool jazz) and reading the last few of the Christmas magazines I had stashed: "Early American Life Christmas," "Victorian Homes," and "Cape Cod Home." No fear for the rest of the Twelve Days of Chrismtas, I still have the British "Country Living," "Country Sampler," and "Ideals Christmas" before I get to the winter magazines. :-)

Must leave one note in reminder to myself: always remember why Addie gives the Christmas tree to Gloria Cott. [wry grin]

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