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» Monday, January 31, 2011
Pay Attention! Be Polite!
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011They have just been talking on the news about a "HERO" driver who was killed today while helping a motorist. (These are trucks that stop and help stalled motorists; they're called different things in other cities, but here in Atlanta they are "HERO trucks.") They commented that this is why Georgia passed a law that you should move over when seeing any type of emergency lights, HERO trucks, police, fire, etc.

Now if everyone would do so. Today I was driving in the next-to right lane when a police car came flying off the ramp of GA400, sirens and lights flashing. I immediately put on my left blinker and prepared to change lanes—until, of course, the inconsiderate lout coming up in that lane sped up so I couldn't get in front of him.

The police car had plenty of room to go around me on the right, but that wasn't the point. Idiot.

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