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» Saturday, January 08, 2011
"The Moving Finger Writes, and Having Writ, Moves On"
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011Not much to write about the last two days. Cleaned house and went shopping. Went to BJs last night; if as many people had shopped there as were at their closing sale, the place wouldn't be closing. We waited an hour in line because people had never been there and didn't know how to scan their stuff. Plus the scanners have always been balky anyway.

Had fourteen guests at our Twelfth Night party tonight. Much fun, food and conversation was had by all. We had the Saints/Seahawks game on for the football fans, plus much neepage and catchup conversations, and the teenagers amused themselves in the spare room until a fox attacked Aubrey's laptop. (Don't ask. Except it wasn't a fox, it was Scott, my stuffed wolf.)

When the last guest left just before midnight, I walked around to all the windows and shut down all the Christmas lights.

The party's over.

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