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» Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Ice Isn't Nice
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011CDC was closed again today, with teleworkers expected to log on, but James was expected live and in person. After I tossed ten of our emergency water gallons in the back of his truck, James hefted in the big bucket of sand that we use when shooting off fireworks, which gave him some weight back there. Still, I had my heart in my mouth when he backed out, for the truck skidded the moment it hit the street; when he put it into forward his back wheels spun, then caught hold.

He did make it in, and early, too; the building didn't open until noon—but I was fidgety until he called. Work was very light, mostly setting up some new orders and trying to resolve something about an invoice. Spent lunch taking down Christmas decorations. Putting them up is a happy task that takes a long time; taking them down is an unhappy task that at least doesn't take that long. As I'm taking them down, I'm making notes of what I need next year, like new garland if I want to do up the stair railings again.

We never saw the sun today, but the wind did its work and the street was fairly clear by late afternoon. When I took Willow out, the yard was a mess, though: the marks of our footprints now filled with red-mud water and edges with ice, and the ground all soggy. Once it dries, it's going to look dreadful, as if it doesn't already. We had two brief flurries of snow, one very light and only minutes long, another one that looked as if a full-fledged snow was starting, but the wind was blowing briskly, and I even saw a glimpse of blue sky as the grey-and-smoke clouds hurried by.

Meanwhile, the birds were eating apace at the feeders today! I even saw a slate-colored junco. Hadn't seen one of them since the ice storm we had years ago, when we were still at the other house!

James brought home something from Wendy's since he didn't know I had taken some sausage out. We'll have that tomorrow. I was idling around BBC7 and found them rebroadcasting a 1968 episode of the radio series of Doctor in the House. Rather than have the characters of the television series (Michael Upton, Duncan Waring, etc.), the radio series uses the original characters from the book. Richard Briers is Simon Sparrow, the feckless young medical student with a penchant for wandering into trouble. This was the "Anatomy" episode, quite funny! The original "Dick Stuart-Clark" character is even lazier than his television counterpart.

I also listened to the first part of a three-part adaptation of The Prisoner of Zenda, which is one of my favorite books. (And then there's the 1930s movie version...mmmmn, Ronald Colman...)

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