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» Saturday, January 22, 2011
Best Laid Plans
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011We slept in this morning, then went out to the hobby shop.

From there, we went to Lowes. We had both noticed that the shelving we had in the coat closet that we are using as a pantry was too small for the food we had stored there. So we thought we would build a larger unit to fit in the space we had. I measured everything earlier and we bought the supplies and came home and...

...well, we noticed that the larger board we bought, the 12 footer we had cut in half, had a slight warp in it. We figured once we put it together and fit in the shelves the support would straighten out the warp.

We were wrong. Granted, every shelf we put into the thing made it a little straighter, but it's still lopsided.

James went to Lowes to get some angle brackets, and it turned out they didn't carry any, despite the fact we bought the one we still had at Lowes. James got some at Home Depot instead. We installed all five and it looks like we will need more.

These are turning into the most expensive "rough shelves" ever.

By the time we'd used up our options, it was dinner time. Neither of us felt like going out, so we ordered a pizza. Now, Papa John's has always done a "peculiar" pizza for us. We get a large thin crust, and half is the "Works" with no green pepper for James and half is black olive and bacon with no cheese for me. (I can't help it. I loathe mozzarella. As far as I'm concerned it both looks and tastes like mucus.) Well, when it showed up it had cheese on both sides. I called up Papa John's to complain and they told me they couldn't do no cheese on one side, and no one should have been doing it for me in the past. According to them, if they put cheese on only one side and some bled onto the non-cheese side, and a person who was allergic ate the cheese and had a reaction, they could sue Papa John's. Say WHAT? Anyone who was allergic wouldn't take the risk in the first place; they'd order a separate pizza with no cheese! So why does Papa John's advertise "pizza your way" if you can't have the pizza "your way"? What a bunch of hypocrites! (And that damn freaking cheese is coming up on me and making me sick to my stomach!)

In better news, GPB is cramming episodes of This Old House into its schedule as fast as it can go in order to catch up after their endlessly repeating fundraising schedule. We had two episodes this morning and another this evening, and look to be caught up. There are only two episodes left in this sequence.

Watched a couple of Britcoms tonight and then messed around with Netflix Instant Play. Played the first Jon Pertwee Doctor Who, "Spearhead from Space," which looks quaint next to the frenetic new series, but Pertwee's charm is immediately apparent! Also put on "School Reunion," the Sarah Jane Smith/reunion with the Doctor episode with David Tennant. [Later: Now watching "Secrets of the Sun" from The Universe.]

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