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» Sunday, December 05, 2010
Wickedly Wizard
Hit three stores for grocery shopping one after the other: BJs for bulk stuff like toilet paper, Publix for twofers, and Kroger for the rest. It was cloudy during the entire trip, quite cold for December in Georgia (about 35°F and windy), and every so often an errant snowflake would swirl about in front of your eyes. Came home, stuffed it all away, made a sandwich each, and went to Regal Cinema to catch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1).

A very somber movie. "The kids" did a bravura turn, but I was particularly impressed with Rupert Grint. In at least one of the movies, he just seemed to run around with his mouth gaping, and Ron's been used too often as comic relief. This time the writers gave him some good, solid scenes. The special effects were excellent, the location filming spectacular (I particularly liked the snowy Forest of Dean), and there are several very frightening scenes, especially the one with Nagini at the beginning. Did note the "propaganda book" scene: very Nazi Germany/Soviet Union.

If there was one edited scene I missed, it was when Dudley said goodbye to Harry; we did see Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, but only briefly. And I know it was a clichè, but I like the change they made in what happened to Hedwig. In the book she was only a bystander, but in the movie she had a chance to be heroic.

The worst part of this movie is having to wait until wretched summer to see the rest.

We had turkey soup for supper and then I worked downstairs for a little over an hour. I have the library, airplane, and woodland tree out, and the decorations ready to go, but I want to iron the cloths that go on each of the surfaces before I do the work. And then I'll have to vacuum again; those wretched inserts in the rocking chair box left flakes of styrofoam everywhere. Then watched the rest of Extreme Home Makeover and a Holmes on Homes for the Holiday, where Mike and his team helped a family of six who were living in their basement after a dishonest contractor stripped out the inside of their home, started to rebuild, and then just abandoned them. The whole structure was unstable and the house could have collapsed on them at any time!

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