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» Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Slick Without, Chilly Within
Woke and started work to a grey sky. It was quite damp and I actually finally bumped the thermostat up to 70°F for a few hours just to take the chill off the house. I'd woken up with a headache from the arthritis in my neck and was out of sorts during the morning; it let up later in the afternoon and I was able to do some chores during lunch and wash three loads of clothes.

About midmorning I noticed snow flurries drifting about outside. Later they turned into sleet. Then I quit paying attention, so when I took Willow outside when I'd finished up, I was quite surprised to find everything wet, the brick front steps slick with ice, and the grass a bit crunchy. Oddly, the lock to the back gate was not frozen!

I didn't expect James home quickly, and I was not surprised. He called me at 5:30, saying he was just leaving work and had already taken a fall out in the parking lot. It took him 90 minutes to get seven miles. He's limped about for the rest of the night. The news has been full of car crashes, people skidding off the road, and every ramp on the freeway being closed down (some of them are still backed up since rush hour!).

Anyway, I scanned some old Christmas photos while I was waiting for James and they are here.

[DAMN! Not only is James hurt, but it looks like the fall killed his netbook!]