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» Thursday, December 23, 2010
Oh, Let Time Slow Down and Linger
Now is the time to savor Christmas...the scents of pine and cinnamon and ginger...the bright colors from the lighted homes and the bright baubles and the tinsel or garland...the visiting of friends and family and visits from them in return...special treats eaten only between Thanksgiving and the New heard—the unique Christmas music whether sacred or spritely, tunes almost always familiar, but always some new ones, whether antique or contemporary, to tempt the ear...even the Christmas shopping, if the need is not too dire or the shop too crowded, places where there are still smiles and greetings...greens or gilt in unexpected places...a welcome gift, but the best gift being someone's company.

Certainly there are some today who don't want time to linger: those in need, those flooded out with homes filled with mud, those who are sick. We do our best to help and hope for better times for them. But if the season is doing well, let's not rush it and tear it down Christmas afternoon, but leave it to savor like a fine wine or chocolate on the palate. Let's keep Christmas all through the twelve days (or at least through the new year), enjoying sparkle and spice.

We are keeping Christmas here, in Holiday Harbour.

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