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» Monday, December 13, 2010
From Dark to Dark
Cold this morning. 27°F, and snow flurries still dancing around merrily until I reached I-85. I believe the wind chill dragged it down close to single digits. For those of you in Saskatoon, this is just a fine winter day; in Georgia, this involves appendages dropping from brass monkeys. Plus I had to stop for gasoline, having run out of time to do it yesterday, bundled in winter hat, winter coat—unfortunately there is no way to run the machine with winter gloves on. A singular experience.

I didn't go out at lunch for obvious reasons, and it never struck me how warm the garage keeps the car at night until I got into the car at 4:30—the temperature of the car seat was...startling (it was 28°F at that point, down to 27 by the time I got home). The car creaked and squeaked until its fluids started to get warm. On the other hand, the ride was nice.

When I got home I snapped Willow on the leash (I can't take her out leashless any longer; she and the dog next door go right at each other through the fence—it sounds like SFX for Cujo). The combination lock to the back yard was frozen shut (James noted this last night as well) and I had to breathe on it for a couple of minutes to get it to let go.

Warm welcome inside, though: as I sat down to type this, Schuyler let out a wolf whistle. Who's been showing this bird movies about sailors? :-)

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