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» Monday, December 27, 2010
Creative Uses of Droids and Other Troubles
The Christmasy part of the day appears here: Holiday Harbour.

I did have a funny thing happen to me at Books-a-Million. Well, it's funny now; at that point I wasn't sure how to get out of the predicament.

I was perusing the magazines when I had an urgent call of nature. Dashed to the ladies' room and hurriedly accomplished what needed to be done. It was only then I noticed there was no toilet paper. The ladies' room was empty, so I grabbed my stuff and went into the only other stall. No paper in there, either, and there was only a hand dryer, no paper. What to do?

Pulled out my trusty Droid, opened the browser, found Books-a-Million and the store locator, found out the phone number of the store I was in, called the front desk. A few minutes later, a very embarrassed woman clerk handed me some toilet paper over the top of the stall. She said the rolls that fit the dispensers in the stalls had not come in. No offense, hon, but you're right across the parking lot from a Target. Send someone over to buy TP! LOL!

Anyway, I came home from all my shopping and went to see if the postman had come yet. I was startled to discover that our mailbox wrap, the one with the cardinal, chickadee, and bluebird "stamps," was gone. It's magnetic, so all I can surmise is that someone swiped it, unless a good gust of wind somehow got under it! What really upset me is that I've been so busy I didn't notice it was gone, because when I went back to look at the photos I took of the snow on Christmas Day, it wasn't on the mailbox then, either!

This seemed a tiny, stupid thing to fret about, however, when I finally got the mail and opened a friend's card and discovered her mother-in-law was hit by a car and killed earlier this month. Perspective is everything.

This evening we went to Stella's Neighborhood Grill, a new place, for Alice's birthday dinner. There were eighteen of us altogether and I don't think the restaurant was used to that. Food was delicious, and the company delightful, but service was slow.

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