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» Sunday, December 12, 2010
The Birthday Whirl--Coda
Birthday Whirl weekend ended with dinner at PF Chang's to celebrate Neil Butler's 21st birthday. We had never eaten there before; always thought it was too expensive. It is actually quite reasonable. We had a big long table with 20 people at it. Charles and Jack sat with the college crowd and we were with the "elders" at the other end, with Bryce and Roman (elementary school age) in the middle. The food was delicious, and we both had a tiny chocolate mousse for dessert served in a square glass. It was a great time.

The snow flurries continued as we drove home, blown in swirls before headlights and streetlights, and pushed in rippled eddies on the street. The cold is quite fierce for this area: 27°F at that point, 11 with the wind chill. Juanita did not come to the dinner and we had brought her the rest of the last batch of turkey soup (since she supplied the carcasses for that batch as well!). So we took the container to her. She has Christmas villages all over the house: on a rotating platform in the den, on the pass-through between the kitchen and the sun room, on the shelves in the dining room, and on the furniture in the living room, plus the big tree in the living room as well. It's all so pretty!

Came home just in time to see HGTV's White House Christmas.

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