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» Sunday, November 28, 2010
Split Personality
It's been a quiet Sunday. We slept in because we were up late on chat. When Willow started to bark, we knew it was time to get up.

We had some good coupons at BJs, and I didn't have any bills on this paycheck, so we stocked up on various things, including new containers for bulk foods. James also found a weather station on deep clearance. It has a anemometer, a rain gauge, a wind vane, and a hygrometer. He set it up on the porch tonight, but in temporary fashion since he wants to get a pole to mount the vane and anemometer on.

We're both off on Tuesday, so we put off getting milk until then. Spent the afternoon transferring contents to the new containers, reading the paper, watching the Cool Tools special on HGTV, and, finally, putting up a few Christmas decorations.

This is the time of year when the house looks a bit split personality. It takes a while to go from fall/Thanksgiving to Christmas. Today I put up the window candles and inside door decorations (except for the wreath that goes on the door to the deck, which says "Every birdie welcome"). Tomorrow's the day to get out the big guns and put all the Thanksgiving things away so they can be replaced with Christmasy goodness.

And just to muddy the waters further, I'm still talking about Thanksgiving books in Holiday Harbour. :-)

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