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» Saturday, November 27, 2010
Return From Thanksgiving-Land
Compared to The Holiday Whirl (as narrated in Holiday Harbor), today was almost relaxing! James had to go into work, but I made up for the sleep I lost on Friday, then did a load of laundry, cleaned the master bathroom, and spent the morning doing backups on my computer (photos on the new 16GB thumb drive and backups of all files on my old hard drive). Tidied up other things, put some away, and watched more Ellery Queen.

Wednesday when we went to the Town Center Borders I picked up a series I'd never heard of, the animated The Legend of White Fang. This was a series done by Cinar in the early 1990s. Surprisingly, although one villain is a base stereotype (he even has a Snidely Whiplash moustache) and the other is as dumb as a post, with a supposedly deadly but comic-relief bulldog that looks like it came out of a Warner Brothers cartoon, and that this is definitely for kids, it's not all that bad. In this outing, White Fang the half-wolf, half-husky is the pal of little Wendy Scott, daughter of widowed newspaperman Weedon Scott (Weedon Scott is the man who rescues White Fang in the original novel). He "speaks" to his fellow wolves and other animals, and to his "spiritual advisor," a Native tribesman named Raven Wolf, but not to any of the other human characters. The animation is limited (and badly monitored—the villain de Lazlo has a coat that changes color from red to purple and back in the first episode), but the "lesson" of the episode isn't bludgeoned into the kids and there is adventure with limited violence. I'm impressed.

Had dinner at Ken's Grill tonight (pork chops!) and went to Hobby Lobby. Ended up watching Twister when we got home, and then a documentary about Industrial Light and Magic. Now watching HGTVs 25 Great Holiday Ideas. One woman is evidently not a Southerner: they showed her having packages under the tree wrapped in recycled grocery brown bags. Hello! Those have roach eggs in them down here!

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