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» Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Raining On Our Parade
It's a good thing it was a short parade. :-)

James was off today due to working Saturday. He went out early to get blood taken at Kaiser and to get his car inspected. In the meantime I cleared out the foyer and washed the floor. (I considered not washing it today because the weather report was extremely liquid—but then, if you didn't wash the floor because it would just get dirty again, you'd never wash it at all...LOL.) Also wielded some Pledge at various bits of furniture, and presto, by the time I was finished, so was James.

Off to Walmart! When we met, James was always warm and I was always chilled; now that we've hit middle age I've got my own heating system and he's the one complaining he's cold. And he has only one "hang around" sweater, so we got him a few sweatshirts and a couple of T's, too—and found a lovely gift for James' sister.

We went to the hobby shop for a few minutes, then went to Target. I was looking for a piece of furniture and wanted James to see it. We found it and would have bought it, but this Target didn't have one except for the display. Never mind. Now that I know it works for James, I can get it at any other Target.

It has been cloudy with just a bit of drizzle at WallyWorld and the hobby shop; cloudy and infernally warm when we left Target. While we were in Lowes trying to get a new battery for James' drill (no dice; we had to buy a whole new drill as they don't make those batteries anymore), it began to rain in earnest and it was still pounding away when we went to Publix.

Hindsight is always wonderful, and today's was a doozy—I am so glad it was today I had chosen to be off. The rain came down in gallons and buckets and bathtubs and container ships and all and sundry huge liquid containers. The freeway flooded and they had to shut down a ramp from I-85 to I-285 because the water had collected so deep. Worse, a storm ripped through a little neighborhood in Buford and took off roofs, sides of houses, aluminum siding, and garage doors, and tore apart trees. Wow. Apparently no one has been hurt, thank God.

We had a less perilous evening, eating peanut pork, watching the chaos on the news, and later The Real Story of Christmas. Now have a DVD in: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, of course.

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