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» Friday, November 19, 2010
In Autumn More Than the Leaves Fly
The days have my permission to slow the hell down! Summer, that fat hot slug of a season, went by with the speed of a sloth having a nap, producing roasted people as collateral damage. You might as well have tossed us on a gas grill.

Now that the temperatures are at least bearable, the days are flying by like a spinning jenny being driven by Niagara.

I haven't even the excuse of being busy at work for not having been busy here (although I have spent odd moments getting ahead on my St. Nicholas website; it fell behind last spring since I simply didn't have time for it), because we are having a welcome fall lull until the budgets come in, with just a few orders to occupy us. This is good because (a) we have a sheaf of mandatory training courses we have to do every fall, like annual Ethics training (how come we have to take Ethics training and Congress doesn't?), Green Purchasing training, security training, etc. and (b) now I have use-or-lose annual leave to happily work through. It has to be used before the end of the leave year, which is right at New Year, hence use-or-lose.

I always say I am going to take more time off in the winter, but it never seems to work out; and last year was just slammed with work because of the Recovery Act funds. By April I had no time to take time off. And there's no use in taking time off from April onwards anyway; the weather is so warm and miserable—who wants to be out in it? Might as well keep busy with work. Fall and winter are the fun times of the year anyway.

So I had today off, and worked on crafts and listened to podcasts, which was nice. The Travels With Rick Steves files go back five years, so I have a nice collection of European/International Christmas broadcasts downloading for my listening pleasure in December.

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