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» Friday, November 12, 2010
Friday Night Out
They had a Christmas Open House on the square in Marietta tonight, 5:30 p.m. through 9, so we decided to go. Wondered if we would have trouble finding parking, but we got there at 5:35, and there was plenty of space at the lot we usually use for the Farmer's Market. We had a nice supper at Old Ephraim's, a mostly barbecue place right on the square (they also have sandwiches and a few steak and seafood dishes). James was very impressed with their barbecue beef brisket; he said it was very tender. I had filet mignon tips, also good.

Then we walked around the square for ninety minutes. Most of the little shops downtown were open (except, sadly, for the little British shop we had passed on the way to the restaurant!), and most of those had little treats out, so dessert was provided. These are either little boutiques, or places that sell antiques, and they were all decked out with Christmas decorations as appropriate to what they sold, contemporary in the boutiques and more standard in the antique places. Pleasant, pretty effects were achieved with simple resources: glass ornaments in a clear glass bowl, a Christmas ribbon around the neck of a deer statue, bottle-brush trees dotted on shelving. Many people came out for the event and we were soon dodging folks coming in and out of narrow doorways. We didn't buy a thing, but it was a lot of fun.

When we got home, we loaded the truck with all the electronics/electric junk that has accumulated in the garage for the past two (or is it three?) years, preparatory to taking it to electronics recycling day tomorrow. We'll have to get there early so James can make it to work on time. And, hurrah, the mailman had finally come (he hadn't by the time we left the house at 5:20) and we had a letter from Jen. She graduated boot camp today!

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