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» Monday, November 29, 2010
Creating a Blank Slate
I can't really say I've been getting ready for Christmas; it's more like I was getting ready to get ready for Christmas.

That means I basically spent the day taking Thanksgiving and then the daily fall decorations down and put away. First I took all the fall decorations from the porch, swept it clean, and put up minimal Christmas: the big wreath, the St. Nicholas banner, and the greens basket, and the three stakes in the beds out front (Rudolph, the candy cane, and the "welcome" jingle bell), and put on the mailbox cover (this is a design of three winter birds each on a postage stamp).

Next I filled the Thanksgiving decoration box, and put some extra fall decorations on top. Then I did some minor repairs to the temporary storage boxes (four 11x14 copy paper boxes) and packed those: the mantel decorations and other items that will be replaced during Christmas. Those were labeled and put into the laundry room.

I did put up one other decoration: the "shadow box" that goes in the kitchen to replace the apple/cooking one during the holiday. Otherwise everything looks very bare. I want to dust and/or polish things, and wash the floor in the foyer, before I put anything else up.

Burned a gingerbread candle and listened to some Christmas CDs during the day, along with a Travel With Rick Steves podcast that was half about a polar bear photographer and half about talking to locals about Christmas in Rome and in London. Goodness, that's when I'd love to go to Europe, before Christmas! And go to a Christkindlmarket! Also listened to a "Tech Guy" podcast.

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