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» Saturday, November 06, 2010
Peeked out the window this morning and there was frost on the grass!

Needless to say it had been a good night for sleeping and it was very hard waking up. But there are only three more weeks of the farmer's market and we wanted to go. We decided to take Willow with us and I think she had a good time, despite the fact that she was "assaulted" by a miniature dachshund who wanted to sniff her. (She got on better with a golden retriever. The rescue greyhounds were so tall she didn't even notice them. They noticed us, though; by that time we had a paper bag with a cinnamon bun and a bearclaw in it and two big noses and four bright eyes looked at us with hope which was dashed in a minute.) How people laughed when she would stand up on her hind legs to sniff at each booth! We gave her little bits of food we were sampling, which she definitely did enjoy. :-)

We had a nice afternoon! Went out to East Cobb. Dani had mentioned in her blog that Rose Melikan's new book was out, and the East Cobb Borders was the only one that had it. Also found the Christmas "Victorian Homes" and the fall "Birds and Blooms."

We stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a dish drainer cloth. I am tired of that big bulky dish drainer in our kitchen. We really only use it for draining the plastic that comes out of the dishwasher, since we don't waste energy drying the dishes. I'm hoping we can replace the drainer with the cloth. We'll see.

The last stop in East Cobb was at Betsy's Hallmark for the last of the ornament premieres. I had some credits, a Hallmark coupon, and a store coupon. Got three ornaments, a gingerbread man shaped dish, and two cute sparrows that are skating, plus a free gift bag.

We came home by the hobby shop, and then really didn't have anything else to do, so we were in for the night. I put on How to Train Your Dragon, which was a lot of fun! When Hiccup first petted the dragon I was reminded of the similar scene in The Black Stallion.

One thing we bought at the farmer's market was homemade pasta from Costa's, beef tortellini. James cooked it up for supper and we had it with spaghetti sauce and a cucumber/tomato salad, and watched four more episodes of Ellery Queen. Now I'm watching The Mothers-in-Law again. The later episodes are really lame.

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