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» Friday, October 22, 2010
Workin' for a Livin'
Not much to write about this week, since I was back to work. Got Twilight to a repair shop (Artcraft, where they fixed James' white truck so long ago) after the appraiser came over, and then I got a rental car. It's a white Kia Forte. Not quite a "putt-putt car," but not too bad. The doors and the trunk have a very, very light feel, though. When you close the back door, it doesn't thump, it clunks. I would imagine if someone hit you there you would get some serious damage.

Work was very light this week as not a lot of people have their budgets yet. I did forms on three orders so they will be ready to go, did one order, tried to do another, but the funds were not available yet, and answered questions from an end user about a modification. During lunch hour and after work I was able to wash a couple of loads of clothes, clean the bathrooms, and change the bed. The suitcases had finished airing out, so they were put up when James got home. It has been cool during the night and warm during the day, so being home to adjust the shades and turn the fans has been invaluable in keeping it cool inside.

We spent the evenings catching up on DVR'd items, and the last disk of the third season of Pie in the Sky, which is the last of the series available on DVD. I have decided to get The Sarah Jane Adventures via Netflix since we missed half of first season due to our DVR dying and didn't see second season at all. Also was tipped off to two wartime series done by the BBC, Wish Me Luck and Fortunes of War, whilst prowling the Burlington Barnes & Noble (gad, that was a huge bookstore—and then there was the downtown Boston Borders...Atlanta needs a better class of bookstores!).

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