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» Monday, October 18, 2010
Who Killed...?
The amassed mail has arrived. Half of it went into the wastebasket, but my thyroid medication has arrived, several magazines, and—woot!—my box from Amazon: the second book in the Time Unincorporated series and the DVD set of Ellery Queen. Watching Ellery pilot; had completely forgotten this was an NBC Mystery Movie special, and used the same music. That was a great theme song.

There is a cute bit in this movie (set in 1947) where Ellery is spending the day with his cousin Penny, a little girl who attends a private school. She is dark haired in pigtails, with glasses, and is kind of a streetwise city-kid version of Addie Mills. And she's played by Franny Michel, who played Addie's best friend in The Thanksgiving Treasure (set in 1947). :-)

Speaking of mysteries, has anyone read the Bryant and May books? I had a great time with the first one, Full Dark House. Don't usually laugh aloud at books like this, but it had great bits of humor along with an eerie mystery taking place during the Blitz.

The laundry is done and piled on the bed for sorting. Still waiting for the insurance guy to call.

Never mind, he just called as I printed this. Next the adjuster will call to arrange to look at the car.

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