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» Sunday, October 17, 2010
Trip 100, Twilight -10
Well, we have had a sad end to our trip. Thank God it had nothing to do with Willow or Schuyler, or the house.

Nothing much to say about today otherwise. We'd packed a bit last night, and finished this morning, stuffing dirty clothes just about everywhere they would fit and rearranging some things. Went downstairs for breakfast and found every space taken—this hotel has been tremendously crowded; not like the Staybridge last year in Royersford, but then this is a much busier location—so we gathered up what we wanted to eat and brought it back to the room. This way I could eat the yogurt I bought and finish the milk. Had to leave the bottle of coffee syrup behind; should have used it more and earlier in the week.

Drove back to Providence, turned in the car. We are both sorry we took the upgrade. The intermediate car was certainly cushier and comfier, without sacrificing much mileage, but it was so low to the ground we practically had to crawl in and out of it. Compact cars are so much higher off the ground!

I have decided after going through security at Providence that I really despise flying anymore. It's not TSA; they were all friendly and just doing their jobs, but they almost strip you down to your underwear these days and piling that all in trays is a flat PITA. Then we just sat and waited, munched on apples and the rest of the marble cake from DeFusco's.

The ride (a much more comfortable one than coming up!) was unremarkable. We dragged across half the airport to get to baggage claim, then out to the van transport pad. Yadda yadda.

Our troubles started as we approached my car. I thought it looked like the drivers' window was open, but I figured that was my imagination. We opened the trunk to put the suitcases in, and I unlocked the passenger door to put my purse in.

First thing I noticed was all the glass everywhere and that my glove box was open. Then I noticed my satellite radio was gone. That's when I noticed the driver's window was broken in.

To make a long story short, the manager came over. They had five cars broken into last week and mine was one of them. He paid my parking fee and gave me a number to call. I don't care so much about the radio—Sirius is just such a letdown anymore—but having the window broken really hurts. I've always tried to keep that car safe and I fell down on the job. I should have put it in the glove box so no one could see it, but we've used that lot for years (but, admittedly, not in the last few years, since we haven't flown since...2002?) and never had a problem. Probably if we hadn't been in covered parking, we wouldn't have.

Anyway, we got to the vet, picked up Willow and Schuyler, and then came home, which, thankfully, was okay. Had to go out again to Publix to get milk and something for supper, but that was it.

Feeling rather numb at the moment.

[Next morning, 10/18: We had all the windows open last night. Hard to believe it was in the 40s last night and going up to 80 today. Slept badly (unfortunately not as badly as James) and woke up with a screaming headache and a sore throat, the latter probably from the lady next to me on the plane, who coughed and sneezed through half the trip. Then the dam broke: I had a good cry on James' shirt before he left for work. Now I've made the phone calls to the insurance company and am waiting for the adjuster to call me back, started a second load of clothes, filled the bird feeders, and had breakfast. You should have seen Schuyler when she saw my oatmeal; climbed right up on her branch at the front of the cage waiting for me to share! Willow is just depressed; finally has her daddy back and he had to leave...]

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