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» Friday, October 01, 2010
Quite Thoroughly Vetted
Willow went back to the vet this morning for more bloodwork, urinalysis, and X-rays. I dropped her off about 9:45 and they said it shouldn't be any later than 2 p.m. to pick her up.

So I went up to the Gwinnett Mall area. Didn't hit the mall, but went to JoAnn. The last time we were at this JoAnn, it looked almost moribund, but it was quite well stocked this time, almost half the store given over to fabric/sewing. I just bought some patches and some cardmaking bits, then went to the BarnesĀ & Noble to look at the remainder books and have something for lunch. Their soup of the day was Italian wedding, so I had a cup, with some crackers and kettle chips.

I've never figured out the handbag envy some women have, especially the need for expensive "name" purses that cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. I mean, what makes Prada or Jimmy Choo better than something from Walmart? It still holds your stuff, right? Anyway, I apparently have a vestige of this urge left as, although we have several nice carry bags in the house, like the ARTC bag and the CDC bag, I purchased a cute book bag. One side has a cat in pajamas reading, but I fell for the opposite side, which has a guy with a butterfly net chasing flying books.

I thought about going to the Aviarium, or the used book store, but did neither, and just headed back.

Reached the vet about 1:30 and Wil wasn't done yet, so I sat and read until the vet called for me. We looked at X-rays. Dr. Karolyn thinks Willow's liver may be slightly enlarged, but is waiting for the bloodwork before really worrying about it. What was puzzling was an exact sphere in the area where her spleen is. Apparently spleen growths are common in dogs and are 50-50 benign/malignant. If there is something there, it will need to be surgically removed.

So next we wait on the test results.

When I got home I felt like I'd been deep fried. While it never got above 80, it was a cloudless day and the sun was strong. So I got home, took some ibuprofin, and lay down until James got home. We ordered pizza and then decided not to go out, since it was just too much darn work to get dressed again. :-)

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