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» Friday, October 08, 2010
"Leavin' on a Jet Plane" and Other Tales
What a morning! We were up at six promptly, sorely puzzling the fids. Suitcases were all packed once the hairbrushes were in, so they stood like sentinels as we got a little bite, not knowing when breakfast would be.

James did see a shooting star this morning as he walked Willow. Thought that was cool!

Then we packed the furred-and-feathered ones into the car, locked everything, and were off!

Well, one bobble--forgot my phone and the chargers, but we were only two miles from home when it happened.

Traffic was very reasonable for early rush hour on Friday; perhaps folks taking an additional day for Columbus Day weekend. Arrived at the vet without incident and said a semi-lachrymose farewell to Willow and Bandit.

Well, we'd talked about stopping for breakfast but decided not to. We ended up getting to Hartsfield and through the rabbit warren that is security (although everyone at TSA was very nice, not like those grumpy goats at Independence Mall last year) about 9:30. There was a Wendy's right across from our gate, so James got breakfast while I attended to my phone, which had rung five times from the moment we dropped Twilight off at the Park and Go.

Turns out it was Delta telling me our flight was delayed nearly an hour. Sigh.

So James sat watching The High and the Mighty on his phone, and I was watching "Spider" on mine (have I mentioned lately that I love my Droid?), and both of us made separate trips to the little bookstore across the way and the little newsstand further down.

Finally it was time to board. I think this is the smallest jet I've ever flown on, as the smallest plane I flew on was a prop. It makes a city bus look big, and we were in the last row, near the engines--very noisy! During takeoff the flight attendant had to sit on a jump seat in front of the bathroom door!

And as always, someone had too much perfume on.

Never did finish this--plane landed at 3:05, only 35 minutes late. After a "pit stop," our luggage was already on the carousel. Next we got our rental car; the had a car one size up for only $2 more, so we took it. Turned out to be an Impala, which is what I learned to drive on.

We were hungry since we ate lunch at ten, but Debbie would be feeding us at 5:30, so we just had a couple of doughnuts; there is no icky icing on the chocolate frosted here! Then we went to Borders and I found a book on Rocky Point park!!!

The rest of the night was spent having a delicious supper--Debbie made lasagna and sausage and meatballs and salad and roasted chicken thighs!--and later some pie and cake, and we talked for five straight hours with Debbie, her husband Richard, Debbie's sister Paula, her husband Jimmy, their youngest son Nicky, and Debbie and Richard's son Richie and his girlfriend Taylor before stumbling off to bed.

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