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» Thursday, October 07, 2010
Fine Morning for a Picnic
Our annual picnic took place today, at a different park than previously, Wade-Walker out in Stone Mountain. Man, what a drive! and I don't mean that in a complimentary sense, either. It takes us about an hour to get to Stone Mountain Park, so, knowing it was a weekday, I accordingly left 90 minutes before I was supposed to be there.

I just made it. There was an accident on Spring Road and I had to backtrack and go down Windy Hill instead. It took me nearly 50 minutes to go the seven miles to the freeway, which was a little slow between I-75 and GA400, but otherwise was quite nice, as was Route 78. Then I had to twist about some surface streets to get to the park, but the trusty GPS on the Droid got me there fine.

Of course since I got there on time, it didn't start on time; our branch chief's GPS couldn't find the park. :-) So we had awards—I got my 25 year certificate and pin—and then lunch: burgers, hot dogs, bean salad, potato salad, regular salad, and cookies and cake for dessert. It was quite chill when we got there (even I was huddled in a jacket), but by the time we had lunch it was again getting warm. I had, by this time, put the certificate and pin back in the car and disposed of my jacket.

The path to the pavilion area led backward into the trees, and I had a nice walk, perhaps about a mile, through the trees where it was nice and cool, and then back. Several other co-workers had the same idea. On the return route I stopped to watch a chickadee flitting back and forth between two trees, and you could hear nuthatches nearby. I stopped to watch the volleyball players for a while, then took another walk through a wooded bit and past the baseball fields.

Unfortunately they were playing really loud music at the pavilion and after a while the sound began to make my head pound and the sun just added to the ache. So I came home by the office, where I left out a folder for an order that may be needed, and then went home to write various e-mails and to call a vendor about an upcoming modification. Finally I nursed my headache for a half-hour before James came home with some grilled chicken.

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