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» Sunday, October 03, 2010
A Beautiful Blue Day
It was definitely hard to get up this morning. I had not been feeling well last night—a problem that hadn't shown up in a long time—and I didn't go to sleep until late.

However, it was a lovely day to be out: it didn't get over 66°F, the sky was a gorgeous brilliant blue, and there was a breeze out of the northwest that tossed the trees.

We wanted to go out to one of the outlet malls today; Tanger was only one mile further, but we went up to the North Georgia Premium Outlets instead. We arrived before the crowd and had lunch before we went shopping. James found three pairs of jeans and a new wallet for a great price, and two T-shirts with pockets, and I bought socks and underwear, plus a couple of books. It was so nice to walk around in the sun and not feel as if you were broiling. We went into a couple of the kitchen stores, the Yankee Candle Outlet, the Reebok store, the vitamin store, Pottery Barn Furniture outlet, etc.

We were about to leave and discovered a store called "December 25," which was part gift shop and part seasonal shop. They had all sorts of cute things, and we were able to get a gift for Jen, and one for Juanita, and one for Mel and Phyllis, and also found a cute sheep, a cute spider, and a partridge in flight.

We drove home with the windows down, only stopping for a paper. James grilled the marinated chicken breast I bought yesterday and we had it with rice, and later we watched Dog Whisperer and Wallander.

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