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» Friday, September 17, 2010
Where's David Tennant When You Need Him?
We had supper at Shane's tonight, then had a brief visit to Borders. Found a neat compilation book of various astronaut memoirs all the way back to John Glenn.

Came home and tried to watch more History Detectives; it started playing, then said "not available at this time."  Huh?

So I went snooping about on Hulu and played a couple of House promos,  then went looking through films. Found Dr.  Who and the Daleks, which I had seen in the late 70s. Isn't any better today; even Peter Cushing couldn't save it. Couldn't find the sequel; would have liked to show James Bernard Cribbens as a "puppy."

Found all of the McHale's Navy series, and even My Mother the Car! Finally happened upon the old 1950s SF series Tales of Tomorrow and found an episode Paul Tripp made, called "Ahead of His Time." Goodness, this was painful. Funny, he had the same name in it as he did in The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.

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