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» Sunday, September 26, 2010
The Weekend Only Got Better
Although Saturday was hot later on, there was a nice breeze at the Farmer's Market and it wasn't bad walking around. We had vegetables, so bought treats: goat cheese, some applewood-smoked bacon, and a turkey dinner pot pie.

There were signs up all over the market saying it would be open until November 20. I guess they found opening through December didn't work last year, but we're glad it will go into the fall.

We also went to the bank, stopped at Lowes to get some filters for the HVAC system, and at Hobby Lobby just to wander about from the fall decorations to the Christmas decorations.

James had his club meeting this afternoon. I continued working on my digital photograph project. I'm looking at each of the photos, deciding whether to keep all of them or not. This began when I looked through my Timegate photos of Terrance Dicks and Mary Tamm. I had about two dozen photos of them, and several were blurred. If I had no photos of either, I should probably keep the "best" blurred ones, but why was I keeping the blurred ones (or the one of Ms. Tamm with her eyes closed) if I had good ones? So basically that's what I'm doing, losing blurred stuff, or photos where you can't tell what I was taking a photo of (like a shot of an airplane at an air show that is just a dot on the sky), or photos of people with their backs to the camera. In the process I am also renaming them if they are not renamed already, so I know what they are.

This evening we had a birthday party dinner to go to. We stopped at Borders to get the birthday girl a gift card. Now Borders had a paperback coupon this weekend, 40 percent off, but there was nothing I was looking for. The next book I wanted was Deanna Raybourn's Dark Road to Darjeeling, but it wasn't supposed to be in release until October 1, although Amazon said it was available now. Borders' website said no copies were in their stores.

So what do I find in the mystery section? :-)

Anyway, the birthday dinner at Red Lobster was a blast. Juanita's mom even got to come. You must understand that "Mama C" had a stroke several months ago, one so bad that she was not breathing on her own and she could only move her eyes. She is now using a walker and can talk again, if a little more slowly. She is one persistent lady.

So we talked, and ate, and watched Aubrey open her gifts—oh, goodness, she is seventeen this year!—and talked some more. After the party broke up, we went to Brusters for dessert, then home to later chat to more friends. We are all waiting for Jen's address to be posted so we can write to her. I already have a card started.

We woke to cloudy skies and high 60s, which means we didn't have to race to the grocery store at a breakneck pace before it got hot, but could actually eat breakfast first. What a novelty. By the time we left the house, it was raining in earnest. Stopped at Publix for twofers and Kroger for the regular items, and when we finished the temps had dropped further so it was only mid-60s all afternoon. It was wonderful!

Later on we went to Petsmart to get Willow some food; we are going to toss out her food just in case that's what made her sick. Michaels is next door, so we popped in there for a bit to look at the village buildings. They have a bookstore/coffee shop that almost could be a year-round decoration. Also stopped at CVS to use a coupon and Borders, just for the heck of it. No surprise books this time. :-)

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the photos again, and have finished through 2003. We had the pot pie for supper and now are watching Stossel and R5Sons Alaska.

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