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» Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Not One Minute Longer
Gawd, what a frustrating morning. I got in at seven, but couldn't do anything on the computer until nine, since there were sporadic network outages. Ironically, the woman across the hall from me and someone down the hall from me both had their connections, but I was high and dry, even after rebooting three times. I made a couple of phone calls, and stewed. Then when the network was back, I had to print on another printer because ours was out of toner and we had no replacement. This wouldn't have been bad except someone else was printing what looked like a 300-page document—and then it started saying it was running low on toner, so instead of shaking the cartridge, someone kept shutting it off. I guess they don't know you can extend the life of the cartridge that way. Heck, I once got several extra days out of a cartridge by just shaking it twice a day.

Thankfully, this afternoon was calmer.

When I got home, I walked Willow, then ripped all the summer stuff down and put it away. I simply cannot stand looking at it any longer. Did the porch and the foyer, and even put the mailbox wrap on. Had to throw the summer banner away; it was on its second summer and the sun had made the bottom panels rot away and get stringy. The fall flag is looking very faded. Sigh. The sun is so hard on these things, and the porch faces dead west, so it simmers in the heat.

Willow also got a bath tonight. She hated it and so did my back. :-) But we watched an episode of Pie in the Sky and the 2010 RV show...oh, goodness, one of those looks like fun!

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