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» Thursday, September 30, 2010
The Moving Finger Writes
And having writ, moves on...and so another fiscal year bites the dust. This was a particularly mad year, with recovery act money and other funds.

I actually finished everything yesterday, so today helped set up the brunch that was arranged—we had breakfast things mostly, fruit, and some sweets, and juice and coffee, and we all sat about and chatted for a while, and then folks went back to their desks. Answered some e-mails, and eventually went over and shot the bull with Tamera, who was filing her finished orders. I had to do mine last week as I had run out of room for them and had them piled on top of my file cabinet and on the extra chair in my cubicle. I tossed out a bunch of catalogs and promotional letters, some which went back to 2007, and freed up two drawers.

Was uncomfortable most of the day as I had eaten one spicy meatball and one sausage and paid for it later. I should have stuck to the bagel, potatoes, and pancakes. :-( James grilled some pork very simply for supper and that seemed to help.

We watched a couple of episodes of The Flintstones tonight to celebrate the anniversary—still funny after all these years.

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