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» Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Fire and Ice
I was so busy last night with my nose buried in Connie Willis' Blackout (I barely came out for House and Castle) that I didn't comment on the irony of 90s on Saturday and ice on the deck yesterday afternoon.

It rained most of yesterday morning, but was sunny and cool by afternoon. However, by five, huge dark clouds were building up. I hustled Willow outside. As always, she wanted to bark at the three big dogs next door, and I had to keep reminding her what she was outside for. Then the thunder started while we were under the trees.

We got back in, unscathed; I wiped her paws and sorted the mail, came up the stairs—and the rain began with an unholy rattle at the chimney. Now that Willow had an "airing," it was my turn. I wasn't so much into Blackout, however, that I missed that the pounding rain was inordinately loud. For a second, I almost panicked, because it sounded as if it were raining in the attic!

I found out the reason immediately: hail! It was coming down in bean-sized lumps, making little piles on the deck. The thunder was ferocious.

If it was anxious for me, it was even more "interesting" for James, who had to drive home in it. The sound of the hail was so loud beating on the roof of the truck and the windshield that he said he could still hear it in his head even after changing clothes and starting dinner.

Today it is still overcast, but I don't believe rain is expected. It was a chilly 58°F this morning—how lovely!

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