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» Sunday, September 19, 2010
A Blue Ribbon Disappointment
We were up late last night saying our final farewells (well, for a few months) to Jen, and getting massively silly, since it was past two a.m., and, since A Blue Ribbon Affair didn't start until noon, we slept late, ate breakfast, checked e-mail, before getting dressed and heading to Jim Miller Park...

...where we beheld a nearly empty parking lot. A woman was standing near her car telling us that two other women had just walked in to see what was going on. We followed them partway, only to have them turn around and come back. The craft show part of Blue Ribbon Affair had been cancelled; they only had the car show yesterday!

Well, it's been smaller each year, but it was still advertised on the County's web site, and no one even bothered to put up a sign! Way to go, Cobb County!

So we did something else "exciting"—went to Publix to look at the twofers. Did find grapes at 99¢/pound. They were good to snack on. We drove out to Acworth to go to a better Michaels; both the stores near our house are pretty small. Also stocked up on just about everything for Schuyler at the Petsmart next door. A family was buying a budgie. I hope they'll give it a good home and not stick it off in a corner somewhere, or scare it.

Then we came home, listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

No fair? No fair!

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