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» Monday, September 13, 2010
Back in the Truck (Ah, Car...)
I was a bit distracted this morning by tummy problems, so it didn't dawn on me until about 6:25 that Jen wasn't up yet. She had planned to be up at six. So I knocked on her door, and a good thing, too; she had slept through her alarm. Twenty minutes later she had gathered all her things, retrieved her breakfast and snacks from the refrigerator, and was off to Pensacola in her little rental, a bright yellow Volkswagen "bug."

::sniffle:: If I thought this morning was hard, Wednesday will be even worse.

Work was, surprisingly, not all that annoying. I revised a Statement of Work and got the info I needed for the conference order, and finished that, and an order I had trouble completing did complete today. Not sure if it was because a contract number got changed or someone did something they were supposed to do. I was left with the one that needed recompeting, the one that needed a replacement, and the one that needs one solitary serial number.

That was, until I was assigned five more. One's easy. Two are middling. The other two need advertising. Saved the latter until tomorrow. In the final fifteen minutes I happily removed the summer flowers from my desk—if I look at them one more day, I'm going to puke—and replaced them with autumn leaves, and swapped the summer photos and drawings out for autumn ones. Ahhh. That's better.

Had to stop on the way home to pick up my reserved copy of Alison Arngrim's Confessions of a Prairie Bitch from the library, and discovered that Melissa [Sue] Anderson's The Way I See It was also there. I actually finished the latter tonight. It's not a hard read. We do get glimpses into Anderson's time on Little House and other movies, but much of the book is either rehashes of some of her memorable episodes or odd scriptlike scenes. It's, truth be told, kinda dull.

Arngrim's humor makes her book a treat, although some of what she reveals, especially about her brother's abuse of her, is pretty disturbing. Glad to know she survived it with strength and resilience.

Saw some odd new show tonight, Nate Butkis? Bupkis? It's like Rachael Ray, but with home makeovers and design instead of food. Later watched the season finale of Futurama and the previous two R5Sons Alaska, where the family is purchasing a 1920s Ford "snowmobile" (the term was created for that particular vehicle) and transporting it to the Rainy Pass Lodge. On the way Buckey (the lodge guide) showed off his massive collection of antique firearms (back to a 1700s German rifle), powder cans, powder horns, and even his first rocking horse. Wow! He could stock a history museum handily.

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