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» Saturday, September 18, 2010
Alone On Saturday, But Certainly Not Without Things To Do...
By 9:30 I was at Lowes, to pick up more safflower seed and more thistle and finch food for our voracious adopted avians. I looked at what few Christmas things they already had out (mostly lights), and noticed that they had a nice fall applique banner. The one outside now is on its second year and already sadly faded. They only last two years in the blisteringly bright Georgia sun. Michaels hardly stocks the applique banners anymore, just the "art" banners, which are so lightweight. I have one for Valentines Day, but it only stays up a week, so it doesn't need to be strong.

I went from Lowes to BJs, and picked up various things, including onions and carrots. You wouldn't have to look at a calendar to know what time of year it's getting to be: there are now two full rows of toys.

Got gas, gave a great sigh, and decided to go to WallyWorld and do the grocery shopping. Unfortunately I forgot the damn bananas, which must be Freudian or something; my subconscious knows I don't like them. Stocked up on yogurt and other things, picked up the "Returning Favorites" issue of TV Guide just for the great photo of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic (and I'm sure there is one nice House pic in there, too), and nearly did a Snoopy dance on the pharmacy floor when I found...ta-da! soy isoflavones! I haven't been able to find them in a grocery store/drug store for almost two years. The last batch I bought cost me $14 in GNC.

When I got home I had lunch after putting everything up, then continued copying old photos from floppy disk (I used to have a Sony Mavica, which took floppy disks). I did already have this backed up on a CD somewhere, but I wanted to sort the photos a little better this time. I started this earlier in the week and just finished today. Then I burned them all to DVD while listening to a podcast of Leo Laporte, "the Tech Guy." A couple of weeks ago, I listened to one of these and a very upset mother came on; she had all her children's photos saved to a hard disk that crashed. She was able to recover some, but all the photos of her two kids from age 3 and 4 are gone. Leo suggested not only backing them up several times, but having at least one version of the photos that were in a different location. I will take these DVDs to work and tuck them into the file cabinet where I keep my desk decorations.

Also rearranged my to-be-read books in the bedroom. If you saw my piles—those "sidewalk sales" at Borders are dangerous!—you'd understand. :-) My nonfiction pile is...impressive!

By this time it was almost four and I decided it was time to sit down and do something pleasant, so I'm listening to "The Best of Narada Christmas." Yes, I know it's still September and hotter than Hades out. So why am I doing it? Because it makes me happy. So there.

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