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» Friday, August 13, 2010
Tired--And It's Only Two Weeks In
As the British say, I am completely fagged out. Six more weeks left until end of fiscal year and I already feel like I've been wrung out in the wash.

Today was...extreme. Didn't sleep well most of the night. My knees woke me up once; plus at 1:30 I woke up tasting supper from over seven hours earlier. Just a plainly cooked pork chop, three tablespoons of teriyaki rice, and some watermelon—wouldn't have bothered me ordinarily. Woke with a headache. Forgot to pour my milk last night and completely forgot to pour more. Stopped at Burger King to get a pint: $1.06 and it was 2 percent which feels thick and unnatural since I've been drinking skim so long.

Traffic was appalling. It's been a year since I've had to drive to work on a Friday; there was more traffic this morning than any other day this week. Got to work, left my phone in the car, had to go back after it before I could eat breakfast. Feeling hungry and lightheaded all day, especially this afternoon; even after my peach I was hungry to the point it hurt.

In the meantime I processed seven orders, but they couldn't be awarded electronically because the mechanism that reports our spending to DC was down. This was actually a good thing because in going through e-mail I discovered there was a problem with one of them that I hadn't realized went with that particular order (I've had several orders for the same vendor, and I didn't realize the problem order was the one I was trying to get awarded). Our workload is such that even my supervisors are doing purchase orders...that is just wild. I spent the afternoon trying to match a glut of quotes printed out to the orders they belong to, or match 653 waivers to their corresponding orders, etc. I haven't even touched the orders that were competed...arrgh!

Out at 3:30, which, of course, when it started to rain. I-285 west didn't look that bad when I checked the traffic map; ten minutes later it was stop-stop-stop with very little "and-go." It was pouring most of the way, the freeway awash in puddles that sent up great wakes of water when you drove through them, and scattered trash all in the right lanes: pine straw, twigs, limbs, leaves beaten off the trees by the rain. It took me 45 minutes to go ten miles, over eighty minutes for the whole trip of 24 miles.

Arrived home to discover it hadn't rained a drop here. Should have had a drink and perhaps some nuts or cereal, but instead collapsed on the futon and slept until James came home. We had dinner at Giovanni's, which partially revived me, but now I am re-tasting tonight's dinner. All that acid in my stomach from the stress, I suspect.

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