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» Monday, August 09, 2010
Someone Having a Bad Day
So there I was, this morning, at the traffic light at the Shallowford Road exit, waiting to corss the intersection to the access road that would take the rest of the way to work. To my left was a big car with North Carolina plates and two young women in the front seat. The one in the passenger side seat rolled her window down and called out to meā€”asked which way was the airport. Boy, were they going in the wrong direction. I pointed in the opposite direction, down I-85S and said "That way."

She looked shocked. "But the man at the hotel told us it was this way! He said 85 north!" And if this wasn't bad enough, she had printed instructions in her hand that apparently also said 85 north!

Maybe they were going to Peachtree DeKalb? No. They wanted Hartsfield. "It's in the other direction, south of town."

I saw the driver's jaw drop and the woman talking to me protested "But we just came from downtown!"

So I let them get in front of me to pull off the road, presumably to recheck their directions and maybe consult a map. Good grief, who in the dickens gave them directions like that?

Hope they finally made it.