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» Monday, August 02, 2010
The Open Road
At least Smyrna-Powder Springs Road has been reopened! No more going through Church Street where the intersection at South Cobb was always backed up past the church, or through the congestion that is Windy Hill Road.

The roadwork's not finished, mind you; the curbs are not all in yet, nor have they settled the front yards of homes which were torn up and which are now overgrown with weeds. Frankly, it's still a mess and I wish they hadn't touched it, except for a good repaving, which it needed. The recovery dollars they wasted on it could have been better used repairing gaping potholes which are everywhere else, and, frankly, they have ruined what was once a nice little almost-country road through suburbia, especially where they uprooted the beautiful trees surrounding the little bridge over the creek, trees that made a lovely shady canopy in roasting summer only to turn beautiful colors in the fall, simply to straighten out the road a bit. Not to mention that the straighter, wider road will just encourage the idiots who already dash through there like they're auditioning for the Daytona raceway to go even faster.

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