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» Thursday, August 26, 2010
Don't Touch That Dial (up)!
An interesting day. Because the DSL modem is dead, I had to work today using dial-up.

This was slow, but not as bad as I feared. The biggest problem I had was opening PDF files. I spent most of the day working on orders, and having to work more slowly than usual was actually valuable—I knew I couldn't rush so I was more methodical. I did get five or six orders done; at least three had to be put aside due to technical difficulties like ICE not being able to find a contract number. Plus the usual: answering a few e-mails and a few phone calls.

I broke for lunch very late because today was Amazon Vine day. On the third Thursday of the month, you get the targeted list, which is usually very boring. But on the fourth Thursday you get the "leftovers" from everyone's targeted list. Sometimes it's still dull, lots of young adult books bristling with vampires or romance novels and Amish romances or pretentious-sounding academic books. But then I like some of those pretentious-sounding academic books myself, especially if they are about linguistics and history.

I didn't pick anything last week, and I wish we could have "rollover" choices, because the leftover list was pretty juicy today. I picked out the newest Bess Crawford mystery by Charles Todd (I got the first book from Vine, too; Crawford is a World War I nurse) and Bill Bryson's new book about the history of the home. You can only pick two books at the time and that was disappointing, because I would have loved The Mental Floss Guide to American History and a book called Turn and Jump: How Time & Place Fell Apart, which had an intriguing description about being about time and place. Not to mention there were at least three "warm and fuzzy" type books about dogs as well.

Had a nice time listening to podcasts today as well. I listen at work, but it is so much harder because I worry about disturbing other people, but it is hard to hear at work without turning up the volume—it's just so noisy with the computer, the fan, the dull roar of the air conditioning system, and the ceaseless drone of voices. Anyway, I listened to a Leo LaPorte "Tech Guy" broadcast, a "Way With Words" from last October, the 2009 year finale at "Mugglecast," the first broadcast of "A Doggy Dog World" from PetLife Radio (about "busy dogs"), and a Rick Steves tour of St. Paul's Cathedral.

We are now watching a special about the history of cereal.

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