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» Sunday, August 15, 2010
Chillin'...on Some Summer Afternoons
After Friday it was a blessedly quiet weekend. We slept late on Saturday, ate a leisurely breakfast, and didn't go out until one o'clock.

Some of James' co-workers have been talking about a new restaurant called "Come and Get It." (It's literally that: you put the order in and they call your name when it's ready.) It in what used to be the old Elizabeth Feed and Seed Store, back when Elizabeth was a little country village outside Marietta serving mostly farmers. The menu is an interesting mix of "country food" and some Greek and Italian favorites. We decided to make this our big meal, so I had a bowl of soup along with my grilled cheese sandwich and a small slice of chocolate cream pie with two layers of chocolate. The waitress said the piece wasn't large enough and gave me two—I saved the second for later! James also got the chocolate layer cake for dessert (he had meat loaf and vegetables) and brought half home; the slice was enormous.

I can definitely recommend their chicken soup! As a bonus, it's made with rice; I could have had it as a meal alone. Quite stuffed when we left.

Didn't do much else: sat at the hobby shop for a while, then made a stop at Family Dollar and also Big Lots, then came home, to the joy of our fids. James spent some time down in his "lair" trying to get incorrect decals off a model; that's some good glue, because he couldn't even peel them off with duct tape!

We were on chat late, wanting to hear about Jen's and Jason and Meggan's trip to Oklahoma to visit Mike, so we slept in this morning, then went grocery shopping. Publix had instant oatmeal as a twofer, and we got some other goodies as well. At Kroger we found about a pound and a half of boneless pork ribs. When we got home, James layered them in the little 1 1/2 quart crock pot that was my mom's, putting barbecue sauce between the layers.

Once we finished putting the groceries away, we went to Sears to see if they had fabric wallets; James' is about dead. Just leather there. Guess we will have to go to WallyWorld. We did wander around Sears a bit, and saw some of the new LED televisions. My goodness, they are bright! Impressive picture, too.

Also went by Borders for a bit, then came home. Washed towels, made the bed, sorted my pills for the week, made sure I had all my clothes out for tomorrow, that sort of thing.

The pork was cooked it until it broke apart with a fork and we had barbecue on English muffins while watching a neat National Geographic Channel special called How Man Created Dogs. Wish I could say I was fortified for tomorrow, but the barbecue sauce is making me sick to my stomach. Apparently at this time of year if I eat anything with more flavor than instant oatmeal it's going to attack me. Phooey!

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