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» Saturday, July 24, 2010
Trapped By Summer
A frustrating time of year. I know in places where they have a lot of snow people get a shut-in feeling. I feel like that in the summer, trapped in buildings with canned air because it's the only way not to feel like I can't breath and that my heart is about to hammer its way out of my chest.

Neither of us could tolerate the idea of wandering around the Farmer's Market in 80+ degrees. We slept late instead, and refilled the birdseed container, and James cleaned the kitchen while I swept the deck and replaced the string of C-9 lights that supplies illumination to the back yard. Had to patch the extension cord with electrical tape because of That Damn Squirrel.

It was about 92° out, but there was a fairly good breeze. I was hot, but I didn't feel all that bad as I worked, and it didn't take that long (less than a half hour). Whew...when I came inside though...lightheaded time. Swilled some water and turned the ceiling fan up to "afterburner," and eventually felt better.

James went to his club meeting. I hitched up the laptop to the television, planning to watch one of the Petherbridge Lord Peter Wimsey stories on Netflix's "Watch Instantly" feature, only to find they aren't available instantly anymore. Botheration. So I watched North Station over to see how it looked on a big screen, a cool subject on a blazing hot day. Jean-Claude Lord certainly created an appealing, colorful confection of Christmas in the decoration of North Station and of the North Pole complex, but the story certainly is a strange one, with Santa suffering from depression and trying to write a rock song about believing in miracles, while elves are good people whose last breaths have been saved by a sponsor, and the reindeer are prisoners who still believe in Santa Claus, so they have been rescued from their prisons.

We had dinner at Shane's barbecue and went to the Borders at Town Center, where I got the new Charles Finch mystery. Ironically, got home to find a Borders survey in my e-mail box. I know Borders is not doing well fiscally (certainly I'm trying to do my best to keep them in business!), but it looks like they are thinking about diversifying, like selling aprons with cookbooks and globes with travel books and rubbish like that. Man, this wasn't a survey, it was an ordeal. They were asking weird things like if you went to bookstores to feel smarter than other people, or more sophisticated. Say what?

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