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» Sunday, July 04, 2010
Sparkle, Crackle and POP!
So we did watch 1776. I was trying to watch the background characters this time, as they reacted to the main players. Do notice Jack DeMave (Bob Erickson on Lassie) quite a bit as one of the members of the South Carolina (or maybe it's North Carolina) contingent. Had sausage for supper along with mushroom rice, ice cream cups for dessert, and then it was time for A Capitol Fourth. Loved that as they showed the fireworks over the Washington Monument that you could see all sorts of other fireworks shows going on in the distance; the horizon was lined with colorful explosions.

When that was over James went into the garage and got out the fireworks, opening the garage door and staging them on the gate of the truck. I turned the hose on and wet down the grass, then left it out. James brought out the bucket with the sand and the tubes in it for shooting off the Roman candles. This was fun; we had some duds, and a couple we didn't do more than one of: one that launched itself in the air and spun, and one that let out a prolonged, LOUD squeal. (If you heard that one, apologies!) Some kids came by to watch, and the folks in both cul de sacs also had fireworks. Someone behind the trees at the back of the complex had ones that shot almost over the trees.

We sparkled and popped and whooshed and whistled and scattered stardust for about 90 minutes, then rinsed the remains down with cold water and tossed it out, coming inside to play back the Boston Pops concert—or all of it we see on CBS, which is the end of the "1812 Overture," a couple of performances by Toby Keith (including "American Soldier"), the singalong (with pans of the crowd—Jen's gonna look super in uniform!), and finally a wonderful whopper of a fireworks display. CBS gets a tad better every year, with some nice aerial shots. They only got sloppy at the end, showing faces. They had some fireworks this year that looked like layered flowers; James thought they looked like anemones. Some unusual colors this year, including a dusty green and a fluorescent one as well, and a bright, bright crimson.

Good show!!!

Checked out the front to make sure everything was okay, then shut off a bunch of lights and went out on the deck with my phone and called up Google Sky maps. The Big Dipper was right over the right roofline of the house, and I identified Arcturus, Scorpio, and very high over my head, Vega.

Now we are about to watch the replay of the Lenox Square celebration and fireworks.

Oh, and I finished my shelves for the spare room.

[Later: Very poor coverage on Channel 2 of the Lenox Square fireworks. The ground coverage was often blurry or too close up, the far shots were too distant. Disappointing.]

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