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» Friday, July 23, 2010
Sizzle Factor
Not much to write this week, unless you want to hear endless purchase order stories (and I do mean endless—there are eighty of them now; a prodigious family!). When I finish work I collapse on the sofa with a book. Don't even want to watch television; we've had the second disk of Pie in the Sky for a week and just watched it tonight. (Really tense final episode of the disk!)

No use to go outside for fresh air; there is none. Right now it's still 83°F out, no breeze, high humidity. It's hard to breathe because the air is just smothering.

The heat was the reason I went out early this morning (besides the fact that I needed to be back by 2 p.m. to let the exterminator in the back yard). JoAnn was having a "Coupon Commotion," so I went there after first stopping at Hobby Lobby. Wandered happily through the latter's aisles of autumn garlands, plates, picks, and other decorations, and aisles of Christmas wreaths, ornaments, garlands, picks...sigh. A wonderful, welcome sign that there is something better after the sheer misery of summer and end-of-fiscal-year spending. I did find a ceramic bowl with an apple/olive pattern on clearance, only $1.67 with a couple of chips out of the finish. When I got home I touched it up with my gloss paint. It will be nice for wrapped goodies or cookies at a game night.

Didn't buy anything expensive at JoAnn, mostly fall and Christmas bits for making cards/papercraft. Did find an edge punch that does leaves and acorns! (Oddly, neither of the two leaves is an oak leaf.) Also found another little ceramic sheep for the front porch.

Final stop was at Borders, with a yummy 40 percent off coupon. Got The Little Ice Age.

Came home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park; it's been a long time since we could do that: they've been fixing one bridge in the park and another on Kennesaw Avenue leading from the park into downtown Marietta. There was no one in the park. Usually there are stay-at-home moms and dads walking or picnicking with their kids, or people, nothing. All kept in by the heat.

This was about quarter to one. Came home intending to have a bite to eat and wash the kitchen floor. Instead I remembered that my cousin Donna had asked if I had any photos of her dad. I sat down on the floor with the boxes of photos salvaged from my mom's house and the next thing I knew I'd been traveling in time literally as well as figuratively and it was 2:30!

Got up just in time for the exterminator to show up. Went outside to open the gate for him, and also asked him to spray in the garage because this morning I'd found a spider industriously spinning a web between Twilight's rear bumper and the concrete floor. I backed the car out and while he was still spraying around the house, I swept out the garage. I was out there probably around 20 minutes and came in feeling wretchedly nauseated from the heat, with a headache coming on. By five the headache was so bad I finally took three ibuprofin and retreated to the bedroom until James got home.

At least I was the guy's last call of the day, and he was looking forward to vacation next week. Of course he's going to Orlando; not sure how much of it he will enjoy!

We had supper at Folks, dessert at Bruster's, then came home to watch Pie in the Sky. I am reading Christopher Plummer's autobiography, which is hilarious.

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