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» Friday, July 02, 2010
See You in the Classifieds
I spent pretty much all day doing advertisements. Since all my originals were PDF files, I had to retype a lot. Otherwise, not much e-mail traffic to answer. A lot of folks must have taken today off. Did finish one order. Big deal. That's four I've finished in the past two days, and been assigned ten or twelve. It's like trying to fight the tide.

We're doing lunch for Hair Day tomorrow, and I was getting worried. What if we got to BJs and they were out of sausage? People do grill sausage. And Costco closes early and we might not get there in time. So I figured I would run to BJs the moment the lawn was cut. But that didn't happen until the middle of the afternoon because it poured this morning—goodness, it was dark; it just made me long for my piwwow and my blankie and a good nap!—and I suspect Alex was waiting for it to dry a bit. By the time he finished, it was time for me to knock off anyway because we were given 59 minutes of admin leave for the holiday. It was about 3:15 when I got in the car and went to BJs. I got two big packs of Italian sausage (about 40 links) and also multicolor bell peppers, some mushrooms, and Jamaican meat patties for James.

When I got home, there was James. There was so little work they let some of the folks who came in earliest go home. So we put the sausage up and went to supper at the IHOP, then came home. I cut up the peppers for James, but otherwise was pretty much useless. The kitchen's really too small for two people to work in anyway, but I'm so slow and inept with food prep that I hold things up. Heck, James could have had the peppers sliced in half the time I did.

So he cooked up most of the sausage with peppers, onions and mushrooms, after having cooked some chicken sausage separately for friends who are Jewish. The house now smells like an Italian restaurant! Later we watched a couple of episodes of Banacek. Wish there were more of these.

I took a very short lunch today because of wanting to skip to BJs; I ate at my desk and took the actual lunch time to paint the tops of the corner shelves with gloss acrylic in a nice chocolate brown color (the underside is painted with a flat brown the color of mushrooms—called "Mushroom," go figure). While James was cooking the sausage I polished them down with Pledge. Now I just need three nails with fairly substantial heads (my beloved finishing nails can't help me here!) and they can be hung up.

I had $45 in Amazon credit, so I'd pre-ordered The Mothers-in-Law DVD set and ordered two books. They shipped the books early and they arrived today: Chicks Dig Time Lords and the revised edition of The Writer's Tale about Russell T. Davies and Doctor Who. The latter is 700 pages! Lots of "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey" goodness! :-)

Really should order the second season of Banacek for ourselves. Oh, and I really want this, too...

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