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» Friday, July 16, 2010
Jes' Keep Rollin' Along
Trying to pile up completed purchase orders. I finished at least a dozen in three days; it might be more (and can complete the one sitting on my desk now that I have the waiver that goes with it). Could have done two others except I realized I didn't have a quotation for one and the other wasn't in ICE. I've had it put in today, so it should be there Monday.

This sounds like a great deal, but there are still 60+ awaiting, half of which I haven't even looked at aside from a cursory glance at the name and thinking "this is sole source, this can be competed," and the dreaded "what the hell is this one all about?"

Transferred a wad of music onto my Droid yesterday and now have George Winston, David Huntsinger, and the scores to Lassie (the '90s one) and Little Women (ditto) keeping company with Rupert Holmes and Gaelic Storm. Need to transfer a little John Denver, too. Listening to Rupert most of the day. Perked me up a bit, except in mid-afternoon, when I went outside in the swelter a total of ten minutes to open and then close the gate for Alex and very soon had to hurry for the bathroom. Wretched heat. I was still feeling nauseated when James got out, so I told him to pick something up for himself and I had the rest of the rice with chicken broth.

We didn't care to go anywhere later on, so I gave Wil a bath, trimmed the fur around her feet, and James gave her a good brushing. She is majorly fluffed now.

Nice bunch of twofers at Publix this week, especially compared to last. They have Ranier cherries on twofer again, and I intend to buy more, even if they are expensive. I have been highly disappointed in the Bing cherries for the past few years; in fact since Harry's took away the opportunity to pick your own out. The ones pre-packed in the plastic bags at the supermarket and at Harry's now are horrible; half are sour and even the nice firm dark ones have a bad taste sometimes. Cherries are my favorite fruit and I want to enjoy them while they are out.

::sigh:: Harry's was so much better when it was scruffy like the DeKalb Farmer's Market and not all upscale like it is now, having been taken over by Whole Foods. You can still get some reasonable stuff, but there in corners are overpriced cosmetics, soaps, and other fripperies. It's been Yuppified into disappointment.

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