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» Friday, July 09, 2010
I Love It When an Errand Comes Together
I wanted out of the house and back in before noon and the sun turned up its fryer setting to "incinerate." Oatmeal and yogurt delayed me a bit, and by the time I got outside at 9:30, the air already felt like those hot towels they throw on your face at old-fashioned barber shops.

I was on a mission: I needed new scuffs. (I guess that's what you call them—slip-ons, terry cloth things, open toes...) Needed them: I looked the soles of my scuffs yesterday and my toes were breaking through the soles. I've been looking for new ones for quite awhile, but Dollar General doesn't seem to carry them anymore—they only have those awful flip-flops (gah...I hate flip-flops; how can you put that rubber junk between your me blisters, too)—and I hadn't seen any in WalMart at my size. Having small feet is a PITA sometimes.

I did stop at the new Dollar General, but they still didn't have any.

So I went to WallyWorld, and not only did they have some, but they were in blue instead of pink (thankfully). I bought two.

Walked through the Dollar Tree next door, and found one or two things that would be useful, including clips to hold power cords, then went to CVS looking for more barrettes. I love the ones at CVS, but the plastic on them breaks easily. I struck out there, but had more luck at Walgreen's. I was looking for more pop-up hampers. You can get pop-up hampers almost everywhere, but the ones they sell at Walgreens are sturdier and have reinforced handles. We're pretty hard on our laundry hampers, and the ones we have now are four years old and the wires are starting to burst from the covering material. I've looked for them before, but always come up empty.

Today I found three!

Made it home before noon and tried out the scuffs. These are Dearfoams and I read some really bad reviews of them. Seem fine to me, except for the Dearfoam logo stitched in the heel. Odd they would put something there that rubs your feet so uncomfortably.

Spending the afternoon dubbing off the last of this season's Castle episodes, and changing and washing the bedclothes.

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