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» Sunday, July 04, 2010
Hazy Lazy Day
Up much too late last night, first bantering back and forth on chat, discussing the Entertainment Weekly article that talks about "23 TV Shows We Want on DVD"—and mentions Remember WENN! (My gosh, they have taste!) I had no idea neither LA Law or China Beach weren't yet on DVD. They were both such big shows in their time.

I actually signed off chat earlier, but I had my Best of Dave Allen DVD on and couldn't resist watching it until the end. Miss Dave Allen. Talk about something I'd like on DVD: all of Dave Allen at Large. Not to mention my usual requests: He and She, My World and Welcome to It, Ellery Queen ( finally has a cover, and a release date...ouch on the price...supposedly is remastered with a special booklet—but widescreen? I don't think so unless they've done a hack job on the 4:3 original shooting ratio)...and where's the rest of St. Elsewhere and Night Court?

And season sets of Lassie, of course.

So we slept in until eleven. When I went to get breakfast I realized the only milk we had (sell-by date being today) was sour. I guess I'll have to suck it up; wasn't planning on going out today. Too nice and cool in here.

Saw a sparrow pecking disconsolately at the empty bird feeders and went out on the deck to rectify the problem. One of the bold little brown-headed nuthatches was sitting on one of the squirrel-proof feeders, looking down at the seed cup, then up at me, down at the seed cup, etc. I can just hear them talk: "This restaurant is terrible—the service is never consistent." "I'm sure not leaving that waitress a tip!" LOL.

Of course now that the feeders are full, nary a bird is in sight.

There is an odd insect outside: it looks like a big fly, about an inch long, at least, with moth-like wings that look as if they are upholstered black, and it buzzes like a bee. Have no idea what it is, but it was doing maneuvers over my head as I filled the feeders.

James has descended to the "Man Cave." Maybe I'll read American Connections. Or watch Johnny Tremain. Whatever.

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